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July 2020
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SPECIAL EPISODE: Ben Lyons & Kristen Stewart Take Over All New Friends

Tatti and Katie have handed the show over to their friend Ben Lyons (host of 'The Real Fan Life' podcast/Player’s Tribune Radio on Sirius/XM 82) for an extra special eposide of 'All New Friends!' 
Listen as Ben sits down with Kristen Stewart to talk about her new film 'American Ultra' and ask questions submitted by fans using #RealFanLifeKS! 






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Tatti and Katie are suprised by writer, and Grub Hub expert, Ali Segel (@OnlineAlison or alibaby90 on IG) Ali is one of the few suprise guests who is able to talk about our top 3 favorite ANF topics online stalking, guys in bars, and middle school! 
But don't worry, she's no braggart. 

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This week we hear how Tatti got VIP airport treatment thanks to a senior citizen and what happened when Katie came face to face with a SyFy Face Off contestant. Their suprise guest is comedian/actress Esther Povitsky (@littleesther) who comes through with good Britney Jean Spears knowledge and some solid dating and beauty advice. She's dangerously funny but will she be an all new friend? 

Follow Esther on TWITTER:@littleesther to find out where/when she's performing. 

Check out her podcast Weird Adults with Little Esther & her MTV series Esther With Hot Chicks too


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Tatti and Katie are joined by basketball star/actor/entrepreneur Baron Davis! We'll find out if he becomes their new friend, but first they have some insane stories for you. Listen to how they were both separately traumatized by attention from creepy strangers on the street and we'll hear all about the first time they performed in front of an audience. 

No bulsh zone.

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A few weeks ago a guest went missing so we did the sensible thing and called in Katie's 3 year old cousin who loves to party, Baby Franki
Listen as the ladies talk about that time Tatti's car was jacked by a mom, Katie teaches us our fave new slang word, "bulsh", and how you can't date anyone new because you don't know what they were like in middle school.  
The episode really gets crazy when Baby Franki walks in because she parties harder than anyone we know and really brings the Poupon.
*Enjoy this lost "bulsh" episode while Tatti Katie are away on their podcast hiatus.
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Tatti Katie ​​tried ​something different this episode. ​They were so excited to meet ​ ​the guest Heather Bardocz, ​the brilliant lady behind the ​LA Kings ​marketing​, they skipped catching up with each other to ​jump right into making a new friend. Listen as Heather gives them ​a rundown on what it's like working with the TWO time champ ​s, ​ proper hockey game attire, and ​introduces them to the best sports account on Twitter, @LAKings! They also get into funny stories about ​Retta (Parks and Rec) being the #1 'KANGS' fan and how the team celebrates winning the  Stanley Cup...aaaand Heather let them wear her championship ring! No bulsh! 

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Tatti Katie have made new friends with their talented podcast editor & engineer Brian Allison so imagine their reaction, after Facebook snooping through all of his posts, when they found out his girlfriend is Natalie Venus De Hull of 'Ninja Betty & The Nunchix's'! Listen as they share stories about childhood hair nightmares, working with friends and bond over terrible nickames.

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Will Psychic Jann Hoffman Be Our New Friend?

Tatti Katie ask Rozzi Crane to bless us with her voice & sing this weeks horoscope, a mystey prize box is opened, & Psychic Jann Hoffman comes in with really good vibes, talks about her powerful gift, shares a few friendly ghost stories and gives everyone listening a simple tool to deal with anxiety and gives us hope for the future

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Tatti & Katie are joined by English Pop/R&B group Rixton, and a chihuahua named Igby, to talk about breakups & to see if they can become all new international friends! With a song like 'Me and My Broken Heart'  will Rixton have a few good breakup stories?

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Tatti Katie talk about Boyhood, Katies undying love for Tom Welling, Tatti being left in a pool of tears, & super director/writer and Get Up On This and Get Up Off This podcaster Matt Robinson came by and
told the ladies about kissing a girl with fangs and the "Wanna buy?" kids in the hood. 
Spoiler alert: Someone will lose a finger 


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Will Biker Babe Chynna Chameleon Be Our New Friend?

Hosts Tatti Ribeiro & Katie Kimmel talk about how Tatti "Ain't No Wifey," how Katie survived a Tinder nightmare, and biker babe Chynna Chameleon, aka Compton's Filipino Princessstops by to talk about her new mixtape "Split Personality" and her worst first date. 

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HelloGiggles hosts Tatti Ribeiro & Katie Kimmel are getting to know each other by talking about the big "firsts" in their lives. This week they are discussing the first time they realized they were really good at something, guests Ben Lyons & Micah Wexler stop by to talk about Wexler's Deli, hot waiters, and working with friends. 

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